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Our unique sweet and sour stingless bee honey boasts several health benefits. It contains low glycemic index trehalulose, a rare sugar not often found as a major component in other foods, along with natural plant phenolic acid and antioxidants. With low total sugar content and no sucrose, it's a wholesome choice. Plus, it has a high moisture content. We recommend taking one or two teaspoons of stingless bee honey daily as a natural supplement for overall well-being. Share our stingless bee honey on your social media channels and earn up to 15% commission for each new sale and up to 10% commission for returning customers. Customers also enjoy free shipping and a 5% discount code on selected stingless bee honey packages. It's as simple as that. Once orders come in, we'll handle the rest, and Shopify will handle your commission. Interested? Apply now, and we'll respond to your application within 24 hours.

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