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Natharvest stingless bee honey, also known as melipona, meliponini, trigona, sugarbag, madu kelulut. Stingless bee honey has various medicinal benefits. The tangy blend is rich with phenolic acid, making it an antioxidant powerhouse. You can use it as a natural face mask too. It helps to soften your skin and prevent acne.

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Palm Sugar Cubes

Natharvest palm sugar is a natural plant-based sweetener made from the indulgent sap of nipa palm fruits. This sugar substitute is nature’s candy with a healthier twist. Our sugar cubes have a rich caramel flavor suitable for various applications! The uncountable benefits of the nipa palm sugar make this enigmatic plant a beneficial purchase. Purchase this best product to make healthy desserts that nourish your body.

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Natharvest Sarawak peppers, Sarawak black pepper berries ground whole, Sarawak black pepper coarse, Sarawak black pepper powder, Sarawak white peppercorn, Sarawak white pepper coarse, Sarawak white pepper powder. Suitable for grilling and cooking.

Sarawak White and Black Peppers with Grinder

Sarawak White and Black Peppers 5.6 oz (160 gm)

Sarawak Black and White Peppers

Sarawak peppers are the most sought-after peppers and deliver high-quality flavor to elevate your dishes. These peppers are exquisite for chefs and everyday home cooks alike. Natharvest's black pepper exposes the taste buds to an aromatic spice, whereas white pepper leaves a warm sensation in the mouth. Place your order now to get the best deal on Sarawak black and white peppers.

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Natharvest products have no artificial preservatives, no artificial coloring, and no chemical additives. Our aim is to provide healthy and good food to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the stingless bee honey beneficial?

Stingless bee honey contains trehalulose -- a rare, healthy sugar. Trehalulose has a low-glycemic and low-insulinemic index, and it is acariogenic.

Research discovered amazing benefits of stingless bee honey, including rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a low total sugar content and no or very low sucrose.

Natives use it for upper respiratory illness, skin infections, and digestive problems.

Stingless bee honey is a multi-beneficial supplement. Take one or two teaspoons daily.  

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What are the differences between stingless bee honey and regular honey?

Most of honey sold are the western honey bee or european honey bee, also known as apis mellifera. Ours is stingless bee honey comes from the meliponini bee tribe.

Stingless bee honey has long been considered a high-value functional food with therapeutic value.

Our honey has lighter consistency compared to regular honey. It is more like syrup. The stingless bee honey has a high natural phenolic acid content.

What are the benefits of the nipa palm sugar?

Our nipa palm sugar is unrefined. It retains the natural brown color, and more importantly, all its nutrients.

We don't add any coloring or artificial preservatives.

It's a perfect choice if you are looking for a healthy alternative to refined white sugar.

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What is so special about Sarawak peppers?

Sarawak peppers are known for their aroma and have a higher heat index compared to other peppers.

All our peppers are hand harvested and meet the certification standards of the Malaysian Pepper Board.

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Why buy from Natharvest?

We collaborate with small businesses and farmers. All our products are minimally proccessed and manufactured in small batches.

Natharvest provides you with premium and natural products at affordable prices. We aim to deliver high-quality food that comes straight from the farms.

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