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The Marvels of Stingless Bee Honey

In a groundbreaking revelation, scientists have discovered a rare, health-enhancing sugar exclusively found in stingless bee honey. This sugar, called trehalulose, has a low glycemic index and benefits health-conscious individuals. The gradual assimilation of trehalulose into the bloodstream offers a sustainable energy source without glucose spikes and is non-cariogenic, protecting teeth from decay.

The research, led by Associate Professor Mary Fletcher, a chemist from the University of Queensland, analyzed stingless bee honey samples from Australia, Malaysia, and Brazil. The study unveiled that up to 85% of the sugar within stingless bee honey is trehalulose, not found as a major component in other foods.

The discovery has significant implications as stingless bee honey already commands a market value at par with other renowned varieties such as manuka and royal jelly.

As interest in native stingless beekeeping burgeons across the globe, fueled by culinary curiosity and concern for the environment, the demand for stingless bee honey continues to soar.

Click here to read the entire research paper published in Scientific Reports.
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