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The Best Alternative to Refined Sugar

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of sugar?

Sugar may have a delicious taste, but sugar consumption can have dangerous effects on your health. A high sugar intake has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, dental issues, heart disease, and acne. If you enjoy a sweet treat, but want to lower your sugar intake, consider the following refined sugar alternatives:


These days, there are tons of alternatives to refined white sugar on the market.

  • Stevia is a very popular sugar alternative since it’s low calorie and even sweeter tasting than traditional sugar. Research shows that swapping sugar with stevia can reduce blood sugar levels and help you lose weight.
  • Coconut sugar has also become popular recently as a plant-based sweetener. Harvested from coconut palm sap, coconut sugar is also filled with important nutrients like calcium, zinc, and potassium.
  • Monk fruit sweetener is a healthy and delicious option. Unfortunately, monk fruit is often packaged together with additional sweeteners, so shoppers need to be diligent when purchasing this option.

For the truly best alternative to refined white sugar, you’ll want to try nipa palm sugar.


Nipa palm sugar is a natural, plant-based sweetener that comes from the nipa palm tree. Sap from the nipa palm tree is harvested and then boiled to create a thick, caramel-like substance.

That sugar can then be produced as nipa palm sugar cubes and can be used as a substitute for any recipe that calls for refined white sugar.


Nipa palm sugar is a plant-based sweetener, which means it’s naturally vegan and minimally processed.

Nipa palm sugar also contains a significantly lower Glycemic Index (GI) than white sugar, preventing any blood sugar spikes and allowing your body to process sugar in a healthier way. Plus, nipa palm sugar is ethically sourced and made, so it’s a more ethical alternative to coconut sugar.   

Switch to Natharvest Nipa Palm Sugar today for a healthier alternative to refined white sugar. 

Natharvest nipa palm sugar cubes alternative to white sugar cane brown sugar and coconut sugar

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