Natharvest nipa palm sugar cubes and granules alternative to Thai palm and coconut sugar

A Sweet Treat That Doesn’t Cheat

Those of us with a particularly sweet tooth have experienced a consequence or two of enjoying too much table sugar.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a treat that gives you more than just cavities?

Natharvest nipa palm sugar cubes and granules are the minimally processed alternative to white cane sugar you’ve been looking for.


A plant-based sweetener, nipa palm sugar is derived from the sap of the nipa palm fruit. Its rich caramel flavor and warm color are reminiscent of the sticky treat.

This natural sweetener is the ideal substitute for white sugar in taste and the copious health benefits it provides.


Swap your sweetener. Other sugar replacements may fulfill some needs: being vegan, plant-based, or minimally processed, for example. They may also leave you with something to be desired.

Natharvest nipa palm sugar cubes pick up where other sweeteners miss the mark by nourishing your body. This natural sugar is a tasty alternative to Thai palm and coconut sugar.

The even better news? It’s good - and good for you.


Nipa palm sugar is easily broken down and absorbed by the body, helping those nutrients get to work faster, leading to a long-lasting energy boost.


  • Add a natural sugar cube or two to your morning coffee for a nutritious start to your day.

  • Sprinkle a pinch on fried ice cream to add a delectable crunch.

  • Substitute white cane sugar with nipa palm sugar in your cakes and cookies for a healthier touch.

  • A cube or two of sugar cubes to your tea will give you a clear conscience with your before-bed snack.

  • Sample a nipa palm sugar cube by itself as a natural treat.

“Healthy” and “sugar” are not a typical pair, but nipa palm sugar combines these qualities in a deliciously indulgent package. Sweeten up your diet while supporting your health with nature’s candy!

Natharvest nipa palm sugar cubes alternative to white sugar cane brown sugar and coconut sugar
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