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A Quick Guide to Peppers: The Most Versatile Spice

We all have a black pepper shaker in our pantry, but did you know you can use several other peppercorns while cooking? Below is a quick guide to different types of pepper to add to your spice arsenal.


Black pepper is likely one of the most popular spices on the planet. However, not all black peppercorns are the same. Black pepper is grown in many different areas of the world and takes on different characteristics depending on where it was grown.

Sarawak black pepper is grown in Malaysia and is one of the best black pepper options in the world. Try these gourmet Natharvest Sarawak Black Peppers the next time you’re cooking something savory!


Although it’s called white pepper, don’t let the name fool you! White peppercorn is actually black peppercorn with the outer casing removed through fresh running water.

Sarawak White Pepper generally has a more intense flavor and earthier undertones than black pepper, making this seasoning perfect for mashed potatoes or white sauces.


These are immature peppercorns harvested from unripe black or white pepper. Green peppercorn generally has a fruitier flavor, so you can use these for sauces, jellies, salads, and vegetables.


This kind of pepper has an unusual shape and is hotter and more aromatic than the typical black peppercorn. You won’t find much of this spice in western cuisine. Instead, it’s used more in Indian and North African cuisine.


Deceivingly, pink peppercorn isn’t actually a form of pepper – it’s a berry from a shrub in South America. Pink pepper is best used for seafood, light sauces, or salads.


Similar to pink pepper, Szechuan peppercorns are derived from a dried berry in the Szechuan province of China. This peppercorn has a more intense, rather than spicy, flavor.

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